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What is Chattering in a Cooling Tower? Preventing Damage with the Right Cooling Tower Valve

cooling tower valves

Conventional distribution valves inside of a cooling tower tend to experience excessive wear from the water’s movement through the system. This process creates what’s known as “chattering.” Chattering occurs when the stem and disc in the valve move due to the water’s turbulence. The more consistently this happens, the sooner these valves need to be replaced. 

Repairing and replacing valves carries expensive consequences. First and foremost is the downtime and resources needed to perform this maintenance. There is also the hard cost of replacing these components and the manpower that could be used elsewhere for more productive tasks. However, chattering can be eliminated with a cooling tower valve designed, engineered, and constructed to stand up against the force of water.

With the best engineering and materials, the water can be balanced as it flows through the cooling tower. Vari-Flow valves are built from a combination of a stainless steel stem and UHMW-PE plastic bushing that requires no grease or other maintenance. These valves also feature an internal guide system that supports it for its entire length of travel, balancing the water for a smooth transition.

Cooling tower valves can make all of the difference, not only for your facility’s performance but in mitigating the costly tasks of maintaining and repairing its infrastructure. Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC and their Vari-Flow valve and screen products can save your operations time and money.