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Industrial Pump Protection: Keeping Your Cooling Towers Operational with Var-Flow Screens
March 15, 2022
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Petrochemical Refinery Cooling Tower Products: 3 Things Vari-Flow Valves Do Better

vari flow cooling tower valves

Improving efficiency and minimizing downtime improve production in any business, specifically in the petrochemical sector.  While all large facilities and industrial infrastructure resources like refineries have cooling towers, keeping them running efficiently and effectively is vital for the ongoing safety, production, and profitability for petrochemical plants.  While there are a variety of different types of cooling towers, they all use valves.  These valves are designed to control, regulate, distribute, and allow (or stop) the passage of water through certain areas of the cooling tower’s system.  These valves play a critical role in how well the cooling towers, and in turn, the facility performs.  This is why Vari-Flow cooling tower valves offer superior design, engineering, and materials to keep your cooling tower systems optimized.

What a Vari-Flow Valve?

Vari-Flow valves are direct replacement valves for all existing crossflow cooling tower distribution valves.  Because Vari-Flow valves are manufactured entirely from 304L or 316L stainless steel and UHMW-PE plastics, corrosion concerns can be eliminated.  These valves also feature a 30% larger discharge area and a 40% reduction in weight compared to conventional distribution valves.  Here are three ways that Vari-Flow valves can perform better than your standard cooling tower valves, saving your facility time and money.

Vari-Flow Valves Require No Maintenance

Because of the design, materials, and engineering that make up Vari-Flow valves the greasing and regular maintenance that traditional valves require are no longer necessary.  The stainless steel stem, UHMW-PE bushing, and simple replacement design eliminate the need for these tasks.  No longer will you have to worry about expensive downtime and other costly repairs that come along with cooling tower valve maintenance and replacement.

Vari-Flow Valves Allow Complete and Positive Shut-Off

The internal guide system within Vari-Flow valves centers the disc and places its surface parallel to the seating face. Along with a superior gasket system, complete and positive shut-off is achieved.  This feature eliminates the persistent leaking of water associated with conventional valves.

Vari-Flow Valves Balance Water Flow

Cooling tower valves are notorious for experiencing excessive wear due to the movement, or “chatter” of the stem and disc as they encounter turbulence from the flowing water.  As these components wear down they need to be replaced, resulting in costly downtime and expensive maintenance.  Vari-Flow’s highly engineered valves balance the flow of the water to prevent chatter, optimizing the cooling tower’s performance and mitigating the need for repair and replacement.

Cooling tower valves can make all of the difference, not only for your facility’s performance but in mitigating the costly tasks of maintaining and repairing its infrastructure.  Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC and their Vari-Flow valve and screen products can save your operations time and money.