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October 25, 2021
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May 11, 2022
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Industrial Pump Protection: Keeping Your Cooling Towers Operational with Var-Flow Screens

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There are two types of water screens, stationary and traveling. There are distinct advantages to traveling water screens that not only protect cooling tower systems but also prevent the need for regular maintenance and the resources and downtime that these tasks require.  

The most common maintenance and damage issues that occur in cooling towers impact the industrial pumps that move water. These elements are critical in the cooling tower process and are generally protected by the water screen that captures debris and keeps it from impacting these components. Leaves, sticks, and various natural and other debris and elements can easily find their way into the inner workings of cooling tower systems, making water screens essential.  

Traveling water screens are designed to minimize cleaning and maintenance. As any screen or filter becomes clogged, it needs to be cleared of debris to continue performing at an optimum level. Vari-Flow’s traveling sump screens never need to be pulled or removed for cleaning. They can be rotated 360 degrees, with the debris being backwashed into collection pans. This ability saves time and money while keeping cooling tower systems online and performing at an optimum level. 

The ability of the Vari-Flow sump screens to be effortlessly cleaned means that the critical components within a cooling tower stay protected. Vari-Flow products reduce the overall costs of operation while mitigating the risk and cost of expensive repair and replacement, in addition to costly downtime and operational interruption.