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June 27, 2023
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August 24, 2023
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What are the Benefits of Cooling Tower Efficiency?: How the Right Cooling Tower Valves and Screens Can Help

Cooling towers play a crucial role in maintaining optimal temperatures for industrial processes. However, they often encounter issues like clogging, scaling, and corrosion, leading to performance problems and expensive downtime. To address these challenges, many companies are adopting Vari-Flow valves and cooling tower screens as an effective solution.

Enhanced Efficiency in Cooling Tower Water Distribution

The purpose of Vari-Flow valves and screens is to improve the effectiveness of water distribution in cooling towers. This equipment allows for adjustable water distribution, guaranteeing that the proper amount of water is applied to every area of the tower, improving cooling efficiency and lowering the risk of scaling and corrosion.

Reduced Maintenance Costs for Cooling Towers

Traditional cooling tower systems frequently experience clogging, which reduces water flow and raises maintenance costs. Blockages are less likely because of the use of Vari-Flow valves and screens, which filter away debris and silt before they reach the fill material. As a result, the cooling tower uses less energy and requires less upkeep and repair.

Extended Lifespan of Cooling Tower Equipment

Scaling and corrosion present serious risks to cooling towers by gradually harming the cooling tower’s components. By controlling water flow and ensuring even distribution across the cooling tower, these cooling tower screens assist in reducing these risks. As a result, cooling tower parts experience less wear and tear, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for repairs.

Improved Energy Efficiency of Cooling Towers

Due to the functioning of pumps and fans, cooling towers need a significant amount of energy. Reduced water use and good regulation of water flow through the tower are two factors that lead to increased energy efficiency. As a result, there is a decrease in energy usage, which lowers operational expenses. As a result, Vari-Flow valves and screens are a sensible choice for cooling towers.

CTVS/Atlas-SSI offers high-performance cooling tower valves and screens, allowing facilities in various industries to minimize repairs, maintenance, and costly downtime. These Vari-Flow products can seamlessly replace existing components, instantly optimizing the performance of your cooling towers.