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Cooling Tower Flow Valve Installers: How to Minimize Cooling Tower Maintenance

cooling tower valves for water balancing

Maintenance is essential in any industrial setting.  Any operation with a variety of systems, moving parts, and multiple functions that are dependent upon one another cannot afford the slightest setback, or worse, downtime to perform an expensive repair or replacement. This is especially true for a cooling tower system. Cooling towers are common across a wide array of industries, sectors, facilities, and applications. While these systems can require maintenance from time to time, those periods can spread out, if even necessary at all. Planned or not, downtime is an expensive consequence, especially when it occurs unintentionally. This is where the right components can save time, money, and resources.  

One of the most important elements in a cooling tower is the valve. A cooling tower valve controls, regulates, distributes, and allows (or disallows) the passage of water through specific areas on the cooling tower system. There are various valves that play essential roles in the overall performance of any facility’s cooling tower. These valve types are dependent on the flow capacity, piping size, temperature, and pressure of your system. With the right valve, you can mitigate damage to other components and reduce or eliminate routine maintenance.  

How Do Vari-Flow Cooling Tower Valves Prevent Maintenance and Downtime?

Vari-Flow valves are made from a combination of a stainless steel stem and UHMW-PE plastic bushing that requires no greasing or additional maintenance. This makes routine maintenance unnecessary and expensive repairs and replacements avoidable.  

These valves are also designed with a superior internal guide system that supports the stem and disc throughout its’ full length of travel. This tracking system offers the support necessary to allow the valve to be used for balancing water flow.  

Conventional valves suffer from extensive wear due to the movement, or “chatter,” of the stem and disc from the turbulent water flow, causing damage and the need for repair or replacement. Vari-flow valves can balance the water throughout the cooling tower, optimizing its’ overall performance.   

Vari-Flow offers a direct replacement valve for all crossflow cooling tower distribution valves. With its’ highly engineered design and superior materials, costly maintenance and expensive repairs, replacements, and downtime can be avoided.