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May 10, 2023
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Stationary Screens: Enhancing Your Cooling Tower’s Performance

In cooling tower systems, water screens are essential because they stop debris from blocking the passage of cooling water via heat exchanger tubes. The pump, heat exchanger, and other parts are protected by these screens, which are positioned in the cooling tower’s basins. Different types of stationary cooling tower screens are extensively utilized and very effective at protecting the system.

Understanding the Significance of Cooling Tower Efficiency

To provide cooling water for various activities within a facility, cooling towers combine an evaporation process with heat exchangers. It is crucial to include one or more water screens in the cold-water basin at the foot of these towers to ensure seamless operation. These screens serve as filters, removing dirt and guarding against harm to downstream systems like pumps and heat exchangers.

Given the considerable heat transfer necessary to supply cooling water to the facility, cooling tower efficiency is crucial to maintaining output levels. As it is essential to the overall tower cooling cycle, optimal performance is especially important for the heat exchanger’s internal cooling operation.

The Challenges Posed by Clogged Heat Exchangers

In order for heat to move between two fluids, a second heat transfer fluid must pass through the sealed shell of a heat exchanger while cold water is allowed to flow through a series of metal tubes. However, the flow is obstructed when debris that is bigger than the heat exchanger’s tubes enters the cooling water from the tower’s basin. The ability to transport heat is decreased by this barrier, and in rare circumstances, it is entirely eliminated. If the material keeps accumulating and slows down the flow rate, the system will become less effective and more damaged, which will result in downtime and expensive repairs.

The Role of Stationary Water Screens by CTVS

The fixed water screens that CTVS engineers are expertly crafted to keep debris out of your cooling tower and subsequent systems. You can maintain the smooth, effective, and efficient functioning of your business by putting these preventative measures into place. With the help of these screens, cooling tower efficiency can be increased while reducing the chance of clogged heat exchangers and other damages.

Cooling tower systems benefit greatly from the inclusion of water screens. They act as an essential line of defense against debris, guaranteeing optimum cooling tower performance and safeguarding critical equipment from harm. You may increase the performance and longevity of your cooling tower system, enable uninterrupted operations, and lower maintenance costs by making an investment in high-quality stationary water screens.

In order to provide facilities across a variety of industries with the ability to mitigate repairs, maintenance, and costly downtime, CTVS/Atlas-SSI has designed high-performing cooling tower valves, and screens.  These Vari Flow products can easily replace existing components, and immediately provide the optimized performance that your cooling towers need.