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Traveling Water Screen Installation: Discover the Vari-Flow Advantage
March 19, 2024
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Cooling Tower Valve Replacement: Reducing Downtime and Costs

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Cooling towers are designed to remove heat from a building or facility through the process of spraying water down into the tower.  This process extracts waste heat by ejecting it into the atmosphere via evaporation.  Its ability to operate as intended comes down to a simple process, however, it can only be achieved when the internal components are performing as well as intended.  This is why cooling tower valves are so crucial to the performance of any cooling tower.  Here are a few benefits that Vari-Flow cooling tower valves can provide.

Reduced Expensive Cooling Tower Downtime

When your cooling towers are down, your entire operation is paused.  This is inconvenient and expensive.  The right cooling tower valves can not only improve you cooling tower’s performance, they can eliminate the need to shut down your operation to replace the valves.  With Vari-Flow’s superior internal guide system, the stem and disc support the water’s full length of travel through the internal tracking system.  While conventional valves tend to excessively wear due to movement created by the water’s turbulence, Vari-Flow valves balance the water flow throughout the cooling tower, optimizing its overall performance.

Enhanced Cooling Tower Performance

All existing crossflow cooling tower distribution valves can be directly replaced with an optimized option that eliminates the need for constant maintenance.  Vari-Flow valves are constructed from 304L or 316L stainless steel and UHMW-PE plastic.   These materials eliminate the concern for corrosion.  Vari-Flow valves also offer a 30% larger discharge area with a 40% reduction in weight when compared to traditional distribution valves.  Vari-Flow is the new industry standard. 

Minimal Cooling Tower Valve Maintenance

Cooling tower downtime can be expensive and inefficient.  More often than not the replacement of cooling tower valves brings their operation to a halt.  Not anymore. Vari-Flow valves feature a stainless steel stem and UHMW-PE plastic bushing that doesn’t require any greasing or maintenance.  This means that no maintenance is necessary.  Replacement is not only simple, it mitigates costly downtime and other expensive repairs.

Cooling tower valves can make all of the difference, not only for your facility’s operations, but in ending the costly chore of maintaining and repairing its infrastructure.  Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC and their Vari-Flow valve and screen products can save your operations time and money.