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November 27, 2023
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Mitigating Cooling Tower Downtime: The Benefits of a Vari-Flow Valve

cooling tower downtime mitigation

Downtime is expensive in any industry. Any time that isn’t used for producing and performing is wasted.  While some activities are necessary in order to mitigate damage, repairs, and other risks, some aren’t, and the costs of these stoppages can add up quickly.  An all too common reason for a facility shutdown revolves around a plant’s cooling towers.  However, with the right components, like high-quality, expertly engineered valves and screens, your cooling towers can stay operational and optimized.

Can Cooling Tower Valves Reduce Damage and Costly Repairs?

Valves can be designed with a superior internal guide system that supports the stem and disc throughout its’ full length of travel.  This internal “tracking system” provides the support necessary to allow the value to be used for balancing water flow.  Conventional distribution valves wear excessively due to the movement or “chatter” of the stem and disc as they encounter the turbulence of the water flow, requiring costly downtime for repairs or replacement.  Highly-engineered valves can be utilized to balance the water flow through the cooling tower, optimizing its’ performance and preventing damage.

Can Cooling Tower Valves Reduce Maintenance and Downtime?

With valves that are built from a combination of a stainless-steel stem and UHMW-PE plastic bushing, no greasing or maintenance is required.  This simply design allows for easy replacement, meaning that expensive downtime and other costly repairs can be avoided.

Cooling tower valves can make all of the difference, not only for your facility’s performance, but in minimizing the costly tasks of repairing and maintaining its infrastructure.  Cooling tower valves from Vari-Flow can save you time and money.