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What is a Traveling Water Screen?

traveling water screens

Finding cost-effective and efficient ways to minimize industrial downtime and maximize facility performance can both, improve your overall operation and mitigate expensive repairs, replacements, and other services.  The way that downstream equipment is protected from debris is with water screens, or cooling tower screens.  These screens capture sticks, leaves, trash, and other things that can enter the cooling tower system. 

As more and more debris enters the flow, traditional, stationary screens can become overwhelmed, resulting in damage and ultimately failure.  When cooling tower screens fail, this debris can infiltrate and damage downstream components like pumps and exchangers.  Traveling water screens not only prevent debris infiltration, but they eliminate the need to perform maintenance and cleaning.

What is a Traveling Cooling Tower Screen?

A traveling cooling tower screen uses a mesh screen that can be rotated as needed to capture and remove debris within a cooling tower.  Traveling screens can be manually or automatically rotated for periodic cleaning, eliminating the need to shut down or take plant employees away from other tasks.  This screen option can easily replace stationary screens.

What are the Benefits of a Traveling Water Screen?

There are many advantages that traveling water screens offer over stationary screens.  They are more effective in protecting cooling tower systems from debris.  The screens never need to be removed for cleaning or maintenance.  Vari-Flow screens feature a simple “back-flush” system that only requires one operator and only takes a few minutes to completely clean, saving time and money.

The ability of the Vari-Flow sump screens to be effortlessly cleaned means that the critical components within a cooling tower stay protected. Vari-Flow products reduce the overall costs of operation while mitigating the risk and cost of expensive repair and replacement, in addition to costly downtime and operational interruption.