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Industrial Cooling Tower Screen Tips

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With the best cooling tower screens, you can reduce, if not eliminate the amount of time and resources needed for maintenance, repairs and replacement. Here is some information about cooling tower maintenance and how Vari-Flow screens can help keep your cooling towers up, running, and performing.  

How Do Cooling Tower Screens Improve Efficiency?

Efficient cooling towers are need to provide the large-scale heat transfer that cools the tower’s water. The most critical aspect of this process is the heat exchanger as it provides optimal performance for the rest of the cooling tower cycle to perform its best. 

Debris that enters these components can damage the pumps, exchangers, and other downstream systems. Cooling tower screens are designed to protect these apparatuses. 

How Do Cooling Tower Screens Prevent Clogged Heat Exchangers?

Heat exchangers allow heat to pass from the cold water flows and second heat transfer fluid. When debris enters the cold-water basin it blocks the flow of cooling water, making heat transfer difficult. Larger amounts of debris can cause more significant efficiency and performance problems.

Why are Traveling Cooling Tower Screens Better Than Stationary Cooling Tower Screens?

When cooling towers are shut down for screen cleaning or replacement it can add to the operational costs of a facility. When these screens are removed for cleaning, all of the debris they were holding can enter the cooling tower system, causing damage to other components.  

Traveling water screens eliminate cooling tower problems as well as the manpower and resources needed to clean and maintain them. Traveling screens are equipped with a mesh belt that rotates and lifts debris to a series of nozzles that spray off the belt and deposit the debris into a trough, keeping the screens consistently clean and debris out of the basin and the rest of the downstream infrastructure.

The ability of the Vari-Flow sump screens to be effortlessly cleaned means that the critical components within a cooling tower stay protected. Vari-Flow products reduce the overall costs of operation while mitigating the risk and cost of expensive repair and replacement, in addition to costly downtime and operational interruption.