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August 25, 2021
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Traveling Cooling Tower Screens vs. Fixed Cooling Tower Screens

cooling tower traveling screens

Whether you operate an industrial plant, petrochemical refinery, factory, or any other type of facility with a cooling tower, keeping that equipment safe, clean, optimized, and running efficiently is critical to your overall production and bottom line.  When components in a cooling tower break down they require expensive repairs and replacements, and even costlier downtime.  Anytime you have to shut down a cooling tower for maintenance or to replace a part it puts deadlines, budgets, goals, and valuable resources at risk.  Outfitting your cooling towers with highly engineered, reliable, high-performing equipment can mitigate these risks, keep your operation running efficiently.  One of the most important pieces of equipment in any cooling tower is the screen.

A cooling tower screen acts as a filter to prevent debris from compromising the inner workings of a cooling tower.  Cooling towers draw in different airborne debris like leaves, insects, sticks, seeds, and more.  This debris can cause damage to the tower’s pumps and other components if it isn’t captured.  While different cooling tower systems have different types of screens, depending on the size and scope of your cooling tower system, a traveling cooling tower screen is generally more effective at offering better protection and lower maintenance than traditional static screens.

Stationary, or fixed cooling tower screens, as their name suggests, remain in the same position in the cooling tower.  This type of screen is prone to accumulating debris.  Once this happens the cooling tower needs to be shut down in order for the screens to be cleaned or replaced.  Fixed screens can also allow debris to enter the pump suction pits that can damage pumps and foul downstream exchangers. 

Traveling cooling tower screens can prevent the need to perform maintenance and repairs on screens and other cooling tower elements.  This type of filter uses a mesh screen that can be rotated as needed to capture and remove debris inside the cooling tower.  Due to this design, accumulation is minimized if not completely mitigated, reducing and eliminating the need for screens to be cleaned or replaced.  Traveling sump screens allow your cooling towers to continue operating, unimpeded. 

In order to provide facilities across a variety of industries with the ability to mitigate repairs, maintenance, and costly downtime, Cooling Tower Valves and Screens, CTVS LLC, has designed high-performing, sophisticated valves, and screens.  These Vari Flow products can easily replace existing components, and immediately provide the optimized performance that your cooling towers need.