How to Check for Leaks in Cooling Tower Valves
June 18, 2024
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Improving Cooling Tower Efficiency: How to Choose the Right Cooling Tower Screens

cooling tower screens for efficiency

Water towers are critical pieces of infrastructure for any industrial facility. While their purpose is essential to the efficiency and efficacy of any operation, downtime for maintenance can impact both of these goals, as well as your bottom line. One of the most common causes of cooling tower damage stems from faulty cooling tower screens.

How Do Cooling Tower Screens Work?

Airborne debris like sticks, leaves, garbage and other variables can infiltrate the cooling tower and clog the exchangers.  Because cooling towers are susceptible to many threats that can impact downstream operations, the right screens are essential for their protection.  Sump screens block this debris and keep the vital mechanics of the cooling tower system running effectively and efficiently.  

What are the Benefits of Highly Engineered Cooling Tower Screens?

Static water screens have typically been used to trap debris from entering the downstream operations of a cooling tower.  However, this type of screen needs to be constantly cleaned, meaning operations need to stop, and valuable resources need to be employed to perform this task.  Vari-Flow traveling cooling tower screens require minimal if any maintenance.  As a traveling cooling tower screen, they operate self-sufficiently. Traveling water screens rotate and clear their own debris through an automated process.  With this automation, operations never need to cease for regular maintenance.

Vari-Flow’s water screens allow your systems to be effortlessly cleaned meaning that the critical components within a cooling tower stay protected. Vari-Flow products reduce the overall costs of operation while mitigating the risk and cost of expensive repair and replacement, in addition to costly downtime and operational interruption.