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February 8, 2024
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March 20, 2024
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Traveling Water Screen Installation: Discover the Vari-Flow Advantage

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The cooling tower screen prevents debris from penetrating the system and mitigates damage to the pumps and flow, which can cause significant problems. However, as stationary screens frequently become clogged with all of the different debris they collect, they need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Traveling sump screens remove this concern and the expensive time and resource cost of replacing and repairing your cooling tower screens. 

Cooling Tower Screen Material and Design

Vari-Flow traveling sump screens are designed to require no lubrication or maintenance. Because they are manufactured with U.H.M.W. plastic and durable stainless steel, the specific maintenance needs of traditional stationary screens are no longer necessary.  

Vari-Flow Cooling Tower Screen Performance Advantages

Standard fixed screens will still allow debris to enter the pump’s suction pits. This can foul downstream exchangers and damage the pump itself. Vari-Flow’s traveling screens offer the following benefits:

  • Exchangers are consistently debri-free.
  • Screens never need to be pulled or removed for cleaning
  • The back-flush cleaning system only requires one operator and two minutes to clear a screen.

Exchanger fouling is no longer a standard part of regular maintenance with Vari-Flow’s traveling cooling tower screens. This issue can be permanently mitigated with the simple installation of a traveling cooling tower screen.  

Vari-Flow valves and screens are easily installed, simple to manage, durable, and reliable. Keep your cooling tower systems optimized and running efficiently with Vari-Flow’s cooling tower screens.