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August 24, 2023
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October 17, 2023
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What is a Traveling Water Screen?

Cooling towers are designed to endure in various applications for up to two decades. Nevertheless, unforeseen damages can potentially trigger the need for a hefty $125,000 replacement. While that price tag may seem daunting, the true cost lies beyond the financial aspect – it’s the extensive downtime and missed operational opportunities that truly sting. Among the most prevalent culprits responsible for cooling tower damage are malfunctioning cooling tower screens.

Understanding the Role of Cooling Tower Screens

Cooling towers face a multitude of threats that can significantly impact downstream operations. Airborne debris, including sticks, leaves, and trash, along with other variables, have the potential to infiltrate the cooling tower and obstruct the heat exchangers. Sump screens serve as the guardians, blocking this debris and ensuring that the essential machinery of the cooling tower system continues to operate effectively and efficiently.

The Advantages of Vari-Flow Cooling Tower Screens

Traditionally, static water screens have been utilized to prevent debris from entering the downstream operations of a cooling tower. However, this equipment necessitates constant cleaning and maintenance, which, in turn, requires operations to come to a halt, accompanied by the allocation of valuable resources. This is where Vari-Flow traveling cooling tower screens shine, as they demand minimal to no maintenance. Operating as self-sufficient entities, these traveling water screens rotate and autonomously clear their own debris through an automated process. Thanks to this automation, operations can continue uninterrupted, free from the need for regular maintenance.

Vari-Flow’s water screens facilitate effortless cleaning of your systems, ensuring that the crucial components within a cooling tower remain shielded. By reducing the overall operational costs and mitigating the risks and expenses associated with costly repairs and replacements, Vari-Flow products also help prevent costly downtime and operational disruptions.