Simple Cooling Tower Screen Replacement

Vari-Flow Traveling Screen – The Simple Replacement Solution:

At Vari-Flow Products, LLC, replacement of your double or single fixed screen/s is as easy as removing the fixed screen/s as required in the normal cleaning process and installing your new Traveling Sump Screen which is “custom designed and fabricated” to simply slide down into your existing screen tracking system.  Simply “add water” from your pump discharge, utility water, or fire water (approximately 40 psi) for the backwash system, and your new screen is operational.

With the Vari-Flow Traveling Sump Screen, you will never pull or remove any screen/s again for cleaning.  Instead, simply rotate the 360 degree belt for automatic backwashing into the debris collection pan.  In addition, you can choose from over 20 different sizes of screen mesh opening to customize your Traveling Screen.

Traditional fixed screens, even in double or parallel units, allow debris to enter the pump suction pits, thereby damaging pumps and fouling downstream exchangers/condensers.  Although commonly thought to be a maintenance function, the fouling of exchangers/condensers from foreign debris can be permanently corrected with the simple installation and usage of our “user friendly” traveling sump screen.