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Oil and Gas Industry Cooling Tower Valves: How Can the Right Valve Improve Efficiency?

Oil and Gas Industry Cooling Tower Valves: How Can the Right Valve Improve Efficiency?

While cooling towers are essential to the operation, production, and efficiency of gas and oil facilities, the expense of time, resources, and money can quickly add up when it comes to downtime and maintenance obligations.  Obviously, anytime you have to shut down a critical piece of equipment, it can risk deadlines, halt productivity, and jeopardize budgets.  While this can’t always be avoided, it can be drastically mitigated, resulting in enhanced performance, uptime, and ultimately, positive results for your bottom line.  For cooling towers, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to save time and money is with the right cooling tower valves.

Cooling tower valves control and distribute the passage of water through specific parts of the cooling tower system.  They are also designed to allow or disallow water in certain areas.  These valves play a pivotal role in how a cooling tower performs.  Depending on the flow capacity, pressure, temperature, and piping size of your cooling tower, you will need a variety of different valves.  The longevity and maintenance requirements of these valves each have a direct impact on your facility’s overall productivity, and furthermore, its profitability.  Here are a few ways that the Vari-Flow cooling tower valve can save you time and money.

Minimized and Mitigated Cooling Tower Downtime

When your cooling towers are down it has a ripple effect across your entire facility.  Typically cooling towers need to be shut down for routine maintenance or repair to ensure that no further damage, health, or safety concerns are created.  It is common for cooling tower valves to need replacement in order to remain effective and efficient.  While this is a simple task, it still requires expense downtime and the use of resources that can be applied elsewhere. 

One of the most common reasons for cooling towers to be shut down is to replace the valves.  Excessive wear and tear can be a result of the “chatter”, or movement of the stem and disc from turbulent flow water.  These repairs and replacements can be costly, not to mention the cost of shutting down the cooling tower to perform these tasks.  Vari-Flow valves are highly engineered to prevent this “chatter”.  Because the water flow through valve is balanced the need for repair or replacement is minimal, if necessary at all.

Enhanced Cooling Tower Performance

Vari-Flow direct replacement valves are optimized to replace all existing crossflow cooling tower distribution valves.  These valves are constructed entirely from 304L or 316L stainless steel and UHMW-PE plastic, meaning that there are no corrosion concerns.  Vari-Flow offers a 30% larger discharge area and promotes a 40% reduction in weight when compared to the industry standard.  All of these factors promote a more efficient and effective cooling tower system.

No Required Cooling Tower Valve Maintenance

Because Vari-Flow valves are made of a stainless steel stem and UHMW-PE plastic bushing, no greasing is required.  With this common maintenance activity no longer needed, there is no reason to shut down the cooling tower for maintenance.

Cooling tower valves can make all of the difference, not only for your facility’s performance but in mitigating the costly tasks of maintaining and repairing its infrastructure.  Cooling Tower Valves and Screens LLC and their Vari-Flow valve and screen products can save your operations time and money.