Vari-Flow Cooling Tower Screen Materials, Design, and Construction


In designing the” Vari-Flow” Traveling Screen, we understood the necessity to eliminate corrosive components for a truly “maintenance free” application.  As such, our standard design incorporates the use of stainless steel, naval brass, and U.H.M.W. plastic components to alleviate maintenance concerns both below and above the water line.

At Vari-Flow Products, LLC, we can customize a screen to your specific requirements if you wish to incorporate other materials as well.


At Vari-Flow Products, LLC, we understand the numerous complexities that may be associated with the proper screen design for your particular application/s. As such, we will take the time to assist you in gathering the necessary information needed to properly customize your screening requirements.

Since we have over 20 screen mesh sizes available, your traveling screen can be designed to remove debris of various sizes with full consideration given to critical issues such as pressure drop and water velocity issues.

In addition, we understand from experience that no two screens are necessarily alike and will determine the correct dimensions for your screen/s to insure a smooth fit in the existing cooling water tower basin.

As a final option, your Traveling Screen can be designed to operate in several ways including:

  1. manually with no electrical service required,
  2. via a local start/stop station, or
  3. automated with an electrical drive on a timer or differential level indicator.